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Why James Dean?

I have know idea. Really. I found some photos of him and I started to deliberately collect images of this cultic actor of the fifties. I was taken by the iconic shots, by his gradient aura.
Dean was in love with his Porsche 550 Spyder that he bought after the success of the film East of Eden. Car racing was his passion and that particular Porsche his fate. He was only twenty four when he crashed and lost his life.
James Dean is a cultic legend, mystical rumors about him are still spreading over the internet. It has it that the parts taken and reused from the wreckage later killed other people as well.
His charisma, astonishing fame, young energy and fast life haunts us even after fifty years. This exhibition is dedicated to him and to his photographic portraits.

A picture for bread? What is this?

I want to expose as many people as possible to the James Dean Report paintings. An exhibition, a local gallery is not in the power to communicate widely. Art in this form is very remote from people. If we asked a 100 people, probably not one could cite a living painter's name. Decorative arts are not part of people's life. Theatre, film, music and literature is a whole different deal. We tend to read, we go to the movies to the theater and we listen to concerts. But we don't go to a contemporary art exhibition.

That is just the way it is. We must not whine about this, rather we should find a solution that could brake this habit. If people don't come to galleries, than art should go to them. We shall brake out of the gallery walls. This is the only solution.

I was wondering how could I achieve this and have an art exhibit all over Hungary. If necessary on the streets where people are going about their daily routine. In a philanthropic way, offering all the income to a good cause. I came up with the idea to print large quantities of numbered prints of the James Dean paintings and to offer those to organizations helping the homeless. They could keep all the income and sell my art at road crossings, street corners and undergrounds. Let art be a part of our daily city life. Make them happy and give any amount to those who are offering you my works. A picture for bread, you might say...

I will provide the date of this country wide endeavor here on this page and through the press. Please stay tuned and let the art exhibit happen all over Hungary while the prints last.


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