Welcome to Hotel 21!

Hotel 21 is a series of graphics that were created in an imaginary hotel chain. In rooms with balconies overlooking squares, buildings and city streets. Each picture is a frozen slide of the film imagined in these capturing but simple worlds. We are helped in traveling by old timer motorbikes, bicycles, hot air balloons and even a parachute. The sculptures of Alexander Calder and Victor Vasarely, block houses of Pécs, the Pacific Ocean, a riverbank in Volgograd provide the backdrops and the urban subjects of my graphics. Purposely nothing is exotic. These are concrete and steel pictures with some green and patches of yellow sandy beaches.

A few photos we made on the opening party (November 20th, 2009) of HOTEL 21

Szalma Kálmán bellboy opens the exhibition

Weiler Márk, Weiler Péter, Weiler Mira and Baróti Györgyi Zoé


Additional information: Baróti Györgyi Zoé barotigyorgyi@freemail.hu

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